Jun 10, 2017 09 00 AM EDT
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SFM Momentum Day - Toronto 2017

Join us from the comfort of your own home and experience in High-Definition the sights and sounds of our incredible show in live stream.

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SFM Momentum Day - Toronto 2017

Personal Message from Jay Kubassek:

“Leadership is a way of being, a form of action - taking the actions that need to be taken because you’re serious about making your dream real in your life. Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, take action based on something that’s bigger than their immediate set of circumstances. You have to stop thinking like an employee. There’s a paradigm shift that has to be made if you’re ever going to be successful and self-sustaining. The things associated with moving forward in your business, you have to stop thinking of them as costs and reframe them as investments. You’re going to have to have the courage to start investing in yourself. Hands down the best value-for-value and the best investment you can possibly make in yourself is Momentum Day. Leaders become leaders because they show up.”

We all know that being a growing entrepreneur is exciting and rewarding, but it can also get tough going it alone. There are times on the journey when challenges seem huge and our minds lose inspiration. Whether you’re new to owning your own digital business or an advanced marketer, haven’t you experienced this?

SFM/DEA Co-Founders Jay and Stu also started their entrepreneurial journey from scratch, and if you’ve heard their stories you’ll know they credit their success to the good fortune of having great mentors along the way - inspiring people who gave them the confidence and guidance to keep going. This is why they built our company and why they created Momentum Day. They totally understand what you’re going through:

  • Especially when you first start out, it can make your head spin learning so many new things, and what makes it harder is it seems like you’re on your own, just you and your computer.
  • The Internet lets you reach out and talk to people around the globe in seconds, but it’s not the same thing as the energy and warmth that like-minded people generate when they’re in the same room. Nothing can replace that kind of genuine connection.
  • All entrepreneurs face huge self-doubt at one time or another: “Am I doing the right thing?”. This is totally natural of course, because you’re creating something new, you’re not an employee simply doing what you’re told.
  • When you go to the usual Entrepreneur Events, there are people on the platform wowing the audience with how their leadership excellence made them millions. This can seem really daunting, you start to think: “Do normal, real people have any chance at this or is it only those very few Superhero types who achieve success?”

Momentum Day lets you plug into a Community of like-minded people, of genuine human beings, all on the same journey to creating a life of their own design. You want to be who you really are and have the freedom to do what makes you happy right? That’s all of us!

These special events are where we collectively make a massive impact on each other as human beings and as entrepreneurs. You’ll meet individuals from all walks of life who have the same desire as you to live life their own way. You’ll talk with entrepreneurs at different stages of growth so you understand the Big Picture that puts everything into perspective. You’ll connect with people who inspire you, and you’ll find yourself inspiring others just by being who you are.

Ask anyone who’s been - you’ll leave Momentum Day fuelled up on energy and ready to take your personal and business life to the next level. Let’s come together and power up!
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